5 Steps To De-escalation Techniques Course


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5 Steps to De-Escalation Strategies

Seeking On-Location Training for De Escalation Techniques?  

The 5 Steps to De Escalation Techniques Course provides the most empowering series of set of de-escalation techniques, de-escalation strategies, and de-escalation skills built around a simple 5-Step model, which will provide the student with the ability to calm and gain cooperation from nearly any challenging and or verbally aggressive person. 

This De Escalation techniques training course was filmed during a live taught full-day training program built around crisis prevention and conflict resolution.  This unique portion addresses the “5 Steps To De-Escalation” model, created by the company owner and founder, Mr. Brendan King.  Teaching de-escalation tactics and related communication strategies built on 20+ years of experience on the front lines in human services, mental health, the criminal justice system, and law enforcement, this curriculum will provide an immediate set of de escalation skills.

This step by step process to understanding what is most important and what to avoid during crisis is filmed in full color HD video, and lasts approximately 40 minutes. The course has a few built in competency checks, a final assessment, and downloadable certificate provided once completed.  Discounted purchase options are available for medium and large size groups, as well as enterprise options for large-scale delivery throughout an entire organization.

*Large group discounts are available, so please contact us prior to purchasing online for groups of 10 or more. 

Prepare yourself and your workforce for challenging and or hostile behavior.  Help prevent and avoid crisis whenever possible through one of the most effective de-escalation techniques found in the industry.

5 Steps to De-Escalation Techniques Course Sample Video


“This de escalation technique course served to prepare our employees for some of the most difficult clients we serve- highly recommended” – C.S. State of Maine Department of Juvenile Corrections.

“The 5-steps model is simple and effective and one of the most beneficial tools our staff use on a daily basis. The de-escalation strategies taught are very, very effective, and easy to remember”  – L.S. – WV Department of Health and Human Services 


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 9 reviews
by Janet Hutchison on Crisis Consultant Group, Inc.

Very well done! I especially enjoyed the video clips.

by Camara Colvin on Crisis Consultant Group, Inc.

Very informative. I learned to breathe and feel the wind. I am looking forward to utilizing this de-escalation techniques training course.

by Angelica Vargas on Crisis Consultant Group, Inc.

Very applicable to all aspects of life!

by Vickie Yarber on Crisis Consultant Group, Inc.

the course was useful for learning effective de-escalation skills

by Adelett Lawrie-Flowers on Crisis Consultant Group, Inc.

Loved the de escalation tactics videos!

by Brenda Sykes on Crisis Consultant Group, Inc.

I enjoyed the course and felt it was helpful. I am glad that I ordered the handbook. Verbal de escalation techniques are extremely important for my business.

by Gary Mercer on Crisis Consultant Group, Inc.

I felt the instructor was highly competent in de escalation technique and kept my attention without getting technical

by Jacqueline Green on Crisis Consultant Group, Inc.

I liked that real-world de escalation strategies examples were given for each lesson to make the content applicable to our lives.

by Luis Sotero on Crisis Consultant Group, Inc.


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