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Crisis Prevention & Intervention Training® Certification



  • Crisis Prevention & Intervention Training®(CPIT) Access (On Sale!)
  • Downloadable Handbook ($12.95 Value!)
  • Downloadable Certificate!
  • ​30 Days Access (Study-At-Your-Own -Pace)

About Our Online Crisis Intervention Training


  • Verbal De-escalation Techniques
  • Understanding Precursors To Crisis
  • Motivating Persons In Crisis
  • Handling Passive Non-Compliance
  • Multiple Non-Violent De-escalation Techniques
  • Professional Distancing
  • Building Rapport
  • Trauma Informed Care And How It Relates To Crisis Intervention Prevention Training
  • And more–

Course Length: 3.5 hours (Nursing CEU’s of 3.5 hours is now available!)

Certification Length: One Year

Where Accepted: USA, Canada and Internationally

Applicable For: Hospitals, Health Care, Retail, Corporate, Security, Corrections, Group Homes, and others

A Few of Our Satisfied Clients

non crisis intervention certification online

Online Crisis Intervention Certification Client Testimonials

“A highly recommended online crisis intervention certification course, 10 out of 10. I am much more confident in my ability to handle verbal confrontation, and even violent individuals since attending this course.”

-B. Collins, Probation Officer, VA

“Simple and respectful. The physical techniques taught will work in real crisis situations due to the ability to stabilize and control the aggressive and violent person. It maintains the sense of security for the individual and doesn’t impede their ability to breathe and calm down. CCG techniques are much better than those I learned in other programs.”

-A. Remley, Substance Abuse Counselor, VA

“Techniques were simple to perform, and are respectful to client and staff. It is a great new focus on handling crisis. Appropriate amount of time spent on stressing verbal intervention and safety, rather than going immediately to physical intervention. I was looking for training online, and found this program to be extremely helpful.”

-P. Schneeman, Training Coordinator, VA

“This is one of your recent students from your Train-The-Trainer course in CA. Frankly, you have your program on lock and are truly awe inspiring. Brendan, it’s obvious that you’re really on to something great here with CCG. ”

-Karette F, Youth Corrections Counselor,CA

“I was looking for nonviolent intervention training online and found your online crisis intervention certificate course to be exactly what I needed. Your online crisis intervention training certification is second to none!”

-Allan Johnstone

We provide effective crisis prevention & non violent intervention training certification courses for threats found in any workplace environment.

cpi online crisis intervention training online certificate classes course certification


We provide online crisis intervention certification for  all 50 U.S. states and Canada

Alabama, Al, Alaska, Ak, Arizona, Az, Phoenix, Arkansas, Ar, California, Ca, Colorado, Co, Connecticut, Ct, Delaware, De, Florida, Fl, Georgia, Ga, Hawaii, Hi, Idaho, Id, Illinois, Il, Chicago, Indiana, In, Iowa, Ia, Kansas, Ks, Kentucky, Ky, Louisiana, La, Maine, Me, Maryland, Md, Massachusetts, Ma, Michigan, Mi, Minnesota, Mn, Mississippi, Ms, Missouri, Mo, Montana, Mt, Nebraska, Ne, Nevada, Nv, Las Vegas, New Hampshire, Nh, New Jersey, Nj, New Mexico, Nm, New York, Ny, Nyc,  North Carolina, Nc, North Dakota, Nd, Ohio, Oh, Oklahoma, Ok, Oregon, Or, Pennsylvania, Pa, Rhode Island, Ri, South Carolina, Sc, South Dakota, Sd, Tennessee, Tn, Texas, Tx, Utah, Ut, Vermont, Vt, Virginia, Va, Washington, Wa, West Virginia, Wv, Wisconsin, Wi, Wyoming, Wy, Toronto, Edmonton Alberta, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottowa, Halifax, Vancouver, Hamilton, Ontario, Bc, Newfoundland, Near Me, Nova Scotia.

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Online Crisis Intervention Certification – “Give Respect, Get Respect”

A number of years ago, we were conducting certification training sessions with a particular client in the upper northeast. We were discussing power, control, and possibly violent situations. Whether you learn crisis prevention training online or in one of our classrooms these are the type of valuable lessons you can expect to learn. The CCG Crisis intervention training course is the proven way to learn to handle aggressive and violent individuals with a non threatening technique. When you get your crisis intervention certificate online you will have a new skill set.

Nonviolent Intervention Training – You’re in Good Hands

The same is true in crisis intervention certification online training. I rely on that training, just like you will learn during our training once you receive your crisis intervention certificate. Whether it’s a simple de-escalation, or something that may become physical, you going to deal with it using our online crisis intervention training certification.  Our crisis intervention training online course teaches you these principles and more.

Achieve: Crisis intervention certificate online

These are the types of powerful lessons you will learn with our online crisis intervention training online certification course.  When you obtain your crisis intervention certificate through CCG you will posses the best online crisis intervention training certification available today.

The Language of non-violent Reassurance – Online Crisis Intervention Training Certification

How often are you using reassurance in your non violent verbal de-escalation? One of the most nonviolent & powerful things you can do to de-escalate somebody in a critical situation is to let them know that the result of their positive action will result in a positive outcome for them. How do we let them know that it will be a positive nonviolent step in the right direction? We do it through reassurance. Again, in my training, I’m using the language of non violent and non aggressive reassurance.

Crisis Intervention Certificate Online Training

Reassure them that on the other side of the situation is a calm, peaceful non violent resolution to whatever their problem might be. I’m letting them know that we’re going to get there by using a nonviolent reassurance in our online crisis intervention training.  If it’s a real crisis, and this person is upset, it’s going to take a great nonviolent effort, it’s going to take coordination, communication. The CCG online crisis intervention certificate course covers these intense situations.

Online Crisis Intervention Training

I was explaining this non-violent concept of crisis training to a group I was teaching recently. I was letting them know that I was not only humbled and honored to be teaching them our  intervention course system. These things are some of the gifts of teaching crisis intervention. Look for something you can take away from the experience that will improve your ability to deal with it more effectively and in a non aggressive non-violent way the next time.  You will learn all about these techniques in our online Crisis Intervention Course. If you have the opportunity to teach other people some crisis intervention with non violent skills that are non aggressive, do it. Our crisis intervention  certification teaches you these principles and much more.  Get your crisis intervention certificate online today!

Crisis Intervention Training Online

The vital thing we learn in crisis training is to remember during a crisis is just simply saying to that person, “Johnny, I know you’re upset. I promise you, whatever you need to tell me, whatever you need to say, go ahead and get off your chest. Our Nonviolent Intervention Training Courses cover all of these scenarios. If you can express to this individual, through your crisis intervention certification, that you are going to do the best you can to create a safe environment. Be prepared and meet your crisis intervention certification requirements.

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