De-escalation Techniques for Teachers (Online Certification)


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De-Escalation Techniques For Teachers (Certification)

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In today’s classroom’s teachers need every bit of de-escalation training they can get.  Dealing with challenging students, distressed or hostile parents, difficult situations with co-workers; these are only a few of the potential situations that teachers are faced with every day.  Use of these de-escalation techniques for youth will only increase the ability of educators to actually teach, vs. spending the majority of their time having to “put out fires” and navigate through crisis situations.

Whether it is de-escalation strategies for teachers, de-escalation techniques for high school students, or even de-escalation strategies for students in general, learning effective methods to preventing crisis situations, and recognizing warning signs early on in the crisis cycle is key.

This online course curriculum presents numerous strategies for educators, teachers aids, and other related professionals to be able to connect, engage, and prevent crisis situations from occurring.  Used in facilities as a foundational skill set for de escalation strategies for students with autism, this course will increase confidence and enhance the ability of the participant to successfully manage difficult encounters with students.

This course was filmed during a live training event in the mid-western USA, as part of a larger full-day training program. Taught by CEO and Founder Mr. Brendan King this course should not be missed.

Presented as an easy to follow, online course, filmed in full color HD video and lasts approximately 1.5 hours.  The course has a few competency checks during the course, as well as a short quiz upon completion for certification. Once the test is completed participants will be prompted to download their certificate of completion.

De Escalation Training In Schools



This course is an excellent in-service training option for de escalation techniques for teachers, or part of a larger de escalation in the classroom learning program. <

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