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De-escalation techniques in mental health are not only incredibly necessary in today’s healthcare workplaces, but are also soon to be considered required training by OSHA and related licensing and governing bodies in and around the United States.  Ensuring that your workforce is highly skilled and prepared to de-escalate and calm fast moving and challenging situations is vital.  To do that, you need a myriad of training options that meet scheduling demands, budget limits, and maximize on retention and competency.  CCG’s online training courses offer multiple opportunities and methods to learn mental health de escalation training skill sets. We teach de-escalation techniques mental health practitioners can rely on in a challenging environment. For general mental health help visit

Topics include: 

  • Early identification of escalation 
  • Pre-emptive methods of de-escalation and intervention 
  • How to quickly and effectively problem solve under stress 
  • Using rapport, patience, and empathy to resolve challenging situations 
  • The most effective words to use to gain cooperation
  • Statements to avoid during crisis 
  • How to regain connections
  • Any many more

Based upon over 30 years working on the front lines of crisis, and compressed down into simple, effective and realistic de-escalation techniques the Crisis De-escalation and Teamwork Training will provide a highly engaging and thought provoking interactive learning session aimed at improving overall response to crisis situations.  

Now available online for individuals and groups seeking Certification, this course should not be missed.  With numerous de-escalation techniques, this Crisis De-escalation and Teamwork Training course will increase skills and effectiveness of every participant. 

This de-escalation training for mental health course is delivered through an online Learning Management System (LMS). This course lasts approximately 2 hours.

Purchase includes:

  • Additional PDF course handouts
  • Downloadable Certificate of completion

Be sure to ask about our discounted group pricing and/or subscription based price plans. Certificates of completion are provided immediately upon conclusion of course in downloadable/printable format.

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