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crisis intervention training certification non aggressive

  • We have numerous online as well as on-location training options.
  • Handle challenging, aggressive,  and violent people with the most effective, safe, and realistic methods available.
  • Utilized throughout the United States, and the USVI in Hospitals, Schools, Corrections, Law Enforcement, Group Homes, Corporate Security, Healthcare, and other settings.
  • Great options for Nurses (RN), Human Resource Professionals, Certified Nursing Aides (CNA), Mental Health Workers, Psychiatric Nurses, Psychiatric Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Corrections Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, and more.
  • Individual certification / Group discounts.
  • Crisis intervention certification and crisis intervention class courses for professionals and institutions across all facets of society.

A Few Of Our Client Testimonials

“A highly recommended course, 10 out of 10. I am much more confident in my ability to handle verbal confrontation, and even violent individuals since attending this course. Excellent information, very clear, concise, easy to understand, and easy to implement program
.” -B. Collins, Probation Officer, VA
“Simple and respectful. The physical techniques taught will work in real crisis situations due to the ability to stabilize and control the aggressive and violent person. It maintains the sense of security for the individual and doesn’t impede their ability to breathe and calm down. CCG techniques are much better than those I learned in other programs." -A. Remley, Substance Abuse Counselor, VA
"Techniques were simple to perform, and are respectful to client and staff. It is a great new focus on handling crisis. Appropriate amount of time spent on stressing verbal intervention and safety, rather than going immediately to physical intervention. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical role-plays and learning to apply the techniques in real situations. I was looking for cpi training online, and found this program to be extremely helpful.” -P. Schneeman, Training Coordinator, VA
“This is one of your recent students from your Train-The-Trainer course in CA. Frankly, you have your program on lock and are truly awe inspiring. Brendan, it’s obvious that you’re really on to something great here with CCG. Having your background, being as young, talented and as bright as you are, is definitely to your advantage. Your experience gives you a high level of credibility which is especially essential in training peace officers and professionals in the field of corrections.You represent the “new guard,” the future. “Old school” ways and knuckle dragging mentality no longer have a place or safe haven in DJJ. Your innovative, fresh take on tried and true principles, anchored with effective, safe techniques that are easy to learn, is like a breath of fresh air. Your emphasis on intrinsic change as opposed to punishment and compliance is right on point. You have been able to motivate even the most jaded staff to “think outside the box,” to be team oriented, confident, safe and in control during crisis situations with youthful offenders. Yours is a very powerful message indeed, one that is long overdue. Have a safe trip back home. Be well.” -Karette F, Youth Corrections Counselor,CA

“I was looking for cpi certification online and found your crisis intervention certificate course to be exactly what I needed. Your crisis intervention worker training is second to none!"
-Allan Johnstone

CCG provides effective crisis prevention & intervention training certificate courses for threats found in nearly any workplace environment or institute.

crisis intervention training certification classes

We provide CPIT certification programs For Nurses, Nurses (RN), Human Resource Professionals, Certified Nursing Aides (CNA), Mental Health Workers, Psychiatric Nurses, Psychiatric Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Corrections Officers, and more.


We proudly provide certificate programs for  all 50 U.S. states and Canada -

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crisis prevention intervention certification online

crisis prevention intervention certification online


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Crisis Prevention Training Online

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Excerpt From "Preventing Aggressive Behavior With Your Words" by Brendan King

"Give Respect, Get Respect"

A number of years ago, we were conducting training sessions with a particular client in the upper northeast. We were discussing power, control, and possibly violent crisis situations. We were, specifically, going over the type of situation where people felt they had to draw a line or “make a stand” so to speak.

One gentleman made an interesting comment.  “You know Brendan,” he said, “When it comes to the kids here, I don’t give them respect until they earn it.”

At the time my first thought was, Wow! Sounds like a real joy to work with.  His attitude surprised me quite a bit, as you might imagine, as one of the first things we learn in dealing with people in a hospital or treatment setting is to treat them with dignity and respect. I knew in that moment that my work was cut out for me.  This gentleman was a supervisor, and had been at the facility for a long, long time. It was apparent that he was very set in his ways. Regardless of the fact that my company had been brought to this organization by the State to help fix their crisis response, his attitude was clear that he didn’t think he had much to learn, and already had all the answers.  As I quickly gauged the other faces in the room (about 25 or so), it was clear that most of the rest of them didn’t agree with his comment, though they were not free to speak up out of fear of retaliation from this supervisor.

It made for an interesting next 30 minutes as I opened the conversation up and gently let him know I thought his attitude towards non dignity and non respect was not helpful, and likely led to the issues they currently had, and that we were called there to fix.  Let’s just say, I wish I had that conversation recorded.  Anyhow, this attitude within him had developed to this point for whatever reason. He had been in the industry a long time and maybe he was just burned out. I don’t know the reason, but he’d come to a point where he felt he didn’t have to show respect to anyone until that person had earned it.  I wonder how many others feel that same way. Do you?

Whether you learn crisis prevention training online or in one of our classrooms these are the type of valuable lessons you can expect to learn from our courses. Crisis intervention courses are the proven way to learn to handle aggressive and violent individuals with a non threatening technique.

non aggressive crisis intervention certification online