Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training® (Initial/Recertification)

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Meets and/or Exceeds Best Practices/Guidelines for: Joint Commission, CARF, CWLA, CMS, US Dept. of Ed, and others!

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  • Certificate Upon Completion (Downloadable)
  • Comparable to “Blue Card®” Certification*
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Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training ® Certification

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CCG's Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training ® is now available ONLINE for individuals and groups seeking Certification. Utilizing an online Learning Management System (LMS) this course uses interactive multimedia consisting of audio, video and visual aids combined with engaging practical exercises and final testing. This course lasts approximately 3.5 hours, and is split into four sections for ease of participation. This course has been heavily utilized across the USA, the US Virgin Islands, and Canada, and is found in nearly every type of workplace setting. (Student reviews at bottom of page!)

Topics include:

  • Understanding Precursors To Crisis
  • Motivating Persons In Crisis
  • Handling Passive Non-Compliance
  • Professional Distancing
  • Building Rapport
  • Trauma Informed Care And How It Relates To Crisis Intervention
  • Remaining Unbiased During Interventions
  • Maintaining Your Calm During Crisis
  • Recognizing When Challenging Situations Are Leading To Violence
  • Interpreting body language and recognizing signs of crisis and escalation
  • Effective tips for Conflict Resolution
  • The 5 Steps to De-escalation
  • The SOLVE Solution™
  • And more--

Training includes:

  • Course handbook (Available for Purchase)
  • Additional PDF course handouts
  • Free e-book preview "Calm Every Storm, Preventing Aggressive Behavior with Your Words"
  • Final review and testing
  • Downloadable Certificate of completion

Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training ® Certification

This course is in alignment with Best Practices, and meets and/or exceeds Accreditation standards and guidelines for organizations such as;

  • Joint Commission on Accreditation 
  • OSHA General Duty / Workplace Violence Prevention Clause
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • Centers for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS)
  • Dept. of Education
  • Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

(Discounts for groups >10 purchased at one time*)

The Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training® lasts approximately:  3hr.30min.

Certificates of completion are provided immediately upon conclusion of course in downloadable/printable format.

This Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training ® course is exclusively provided by the Crisis Consultant Group, LLC and is regularly selected as an alternative to training provided by the Crisis Prevention Institute®. *Blue Card® is a registered trademark of the Crisis Prevention Institute®.  Crisis Consultant Group, LLC is not affiliated, endorsed, or related to the Crisis Prevention Institute®.  

Course registration and login information will regularly be provided within 1-2 hours after purchase (during normal business hours) if not immediately.  

After-hours purchases will become available on the next business day/asap. 

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Average rating:  
 229 reviews


This was my first training and i thought it was very interesting.

I found this couse to be very informative and helpful. It was somewhat of a review for me but had some points I had forgotten. I would recommend it to others that would like to add to their skillset.

Very fluid and knowledgeable presenter. Easy to follow.

As An RN in a prison hospital I get to care for mental health / severe psychiatric patients. Many tools I can use to improve outcomes. Self awareness and situational awareness I will work on. I benefited from hearing how to address a situation. I liked the videos.

I have been able to use this information in the workplace in real life situations and have found it useful and applicable.

Video clips were great to get a better understanding of how the situations happen in reality

I need more practice. Wish the book was mandatory, because I would like to purchase the book to go back and review many of the concepts. Would love to take more courses; and would love to learn much more!

I was glad that the online training provided was done with audio and visual presentations. Actual video presentations and scenarios was really helpful and makes me immersed in the situation and be able to analyze the situation that may really happen in my line of work.

I think that the breakdown of the videos are helpful. I personally find real life application through visualization more helpful than just continual listening/viewing a slide. Thanks for the course!

It was a good review of information I have had before. thanks.

Thank you for the time, research, and development that went into designing this course! I appreciate all the information provided/presented here & will take the techniques and skills learned here forward with me throughout my life, and will remind myself to continually review the information. I'm so glad I ordered the handbook!!. I also appreciate the advice threaded throughout the course about knowing myself, and working on myself, for that is indeed paramount in responding to a crisis situation. Thank you!!

I come from a hospital where we as staff in the ER are routinely being threatened by patients, and some staff members have become concussed, hit, punched, spit on, kicked, etc. so we tend to be very proactive in regards to restraining patients. However, I have seen recently that perhaps we have been a little heavy handed and your program could help our staff and our patients. The fact that Brendan King is the real deal, and has extensive real-world experience with this makes it credible. Thanks for making a great program.

it was great

This course provided detailed examples of statements and tools that can be implemented in my position as an ER Psychiatric Nurse, some of which I have already had the opportunity to utilize with patients after having gone through the material over the past few days. It really is an 'updated' version of the training I have had in the past. It was very easy to understand, and the examples were realistic, coming from the instructor who has a tremendous amount of experience in crisis interventions. I plan on reviewing all of the material in this course soon, as I do believe the more frequently reviewed, the better I will be in handling crisis situations, which makes for a safer environment for everyone. Great job!

I have worked in a psychiatric hospital for 17 years. We have had several different coures but none that was this good. I moved to anther state and will be working in a prison through a travel agency. The prison requirers this course. I will certainly tell them this course is the best and they should keep this as a work requirerment. Thank you so much.

Amazing course with an amazing instructor

Thank you! I had a cpi certificate in the past and this was a good alternative.

Awesome job, course was very informative.

The instructor hands down kept me attentive the whole time. Unlike last on site class I took and couldnt stay awake

Content was a great learing tool for my job and other crisis intervention that I can use in many situations

This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. I loved how examples were used to show the techniques in action.

Enjoyed the fact that I completed this training at my desk, facilitator was very clear and concise.

This course was very helpful and interesting. I liked how videos of actual occurances were used.

Needed cpi class... Informative course...will high recommend!

MY husband and I teach self defence and some of the material we have created is similar. I appericate the different ways to deal with families in a crisis at my work. Thanks!!

relevant and realistic advice and applicable scenarios


Entertaining with new and better approaches than I've seen in the past. I had been cpi trained in the past. I feel this will improve my safety at work and my ability to be the person on the team who can step up and deescalate a person in crisis.

Even though it was an online course, it was easy to stay engaged and on target with the instructor. Loads of great information that I will use in my every day practice.

great class

Needed cpi blue card. Enjoyed the program / no improvement needed

I enjoy the video given during the course and the intervention technique 5 tips to deesclation. this cpi class was very good.

I appreciated the "real life" scenerios and would have liked some more of that type of training. Handbook was helpful and presenter was engaging and presented material in an effective manner.

This course was very informative... It helped understand how important your own nonverbal and verbal communication is.

course was helpful narrator did great in providing example and changed his tone of voice to help the listener understand the different ERLS as if thought the listener was in a crisis intervention. Helpful examples where shown threw videos. I needed cpi certificate course and this was perfect.

Great how this course is flexible with my schedule.

Appreciated the course. Great speaker/educator with lots of valuable life experience he could share. Also enjoyed breaking down the different videos

I enjoyed the video and follow up afterwards.


This course should be recomended to healthcare staff. I've been in many situations where this information would have helped in a variety of situations. I will be making referrals to this program. Thank you!

I found it interesting and informative. I was looking for a cpi class and found this.

This is a new environment that I will be working in, so I felt this course was extremely helpul in how to deal with inmates that I will be working with. I will continue to review these strategies, because they are also helpful in day to day life.

I enjoyed the videos to give some visual examples. Similar to cpi courses I had in the past but more concise.

This couse was very helpful in giving me information about how to deal with others in the kind of enviroment I work. It helped me se that not situations ahve to end with violence

It was nice to find an online resource for a cpi certificate that was full of good information!

I have taken two other courses for crisis prevention intervention. This course covered more thouroughly the verbal de-escalation techniques. The other cpi courses were more about the physical restraints and manual holds. I am very glad to have taken this course. Icame away with a better way of dealing with my aggressive and agitated patients. Thank you.

The course was original and interesting

It was very informative and I learned quite a bit. Thank you for this cpi certification.

I enjoyed the course.

This course was very helpful and informative.

The content was the most up to date with the different populations than past courses, I learned alot about myself!  I have had CPI training before, and this was far better I believe. Thank you!

I enjoyed the videos which gave good examples of how not to handle a crisis situation. I liked the various techniques that was provided for handling a crisis situation effectively. I also liked the explanation of why the techniques are more effective than techniques that would have been embraced and taught in the past.

Appropriate and informative

Very informative. I learned things I didn't know.

thank you

I enjoyed the videos! Comparable to cpi certification courses I have taken.

thank you

This course was very informative, made me think about a lot of things differently. I feel like I can use the information in the course to both help and protect my patients.

This course was most informative and showed the human side of all situations. I am in the medical field and plan on going to Lebanon to assist with the refugee crisis and start my mission work journey. I am 5'5" weight is 118. For me to have learned the basics here today to get me through several different types of situations eased my concerns knowing i have the tools to communicate with empathy and compassion and respect. I also know when things are escilating so i know what should be done next to help decrease the crisis situation.Thank you so much for your professionalism and your human touch in teaching this very important material for all to remain safe. Donna Zaccagnini RN CCM Donna Zaccagnini RN CCM

It was very informative and will be helpful in preparing for a change in mycareer. It has made me more aware of my attitude and myreactions to situations. It was presented very well and easy to understand. Many coworkers are cpi trained and have crisis training, so this was helpful to take.

Love the convenience and information presented. I have taken cpi training in the past and this was a great option.


i enjoyed it

This course was excellent! Considering the avenue (online) of traning, I have never felt so informed when not be physically present in a class. Great and highly relatable instructor,

I learned many good things from Your course and will suggest it to others.

I liked the detailed outline, infographics and stories associated with each module. I have seen cpi courses offered before, and I am glad I took this one.

I enjoyed listening to the speaker and all the info. I would so recommend u to others. As a former CPI class graduate, this class was very helpful. Thank so much

I found the course very interesting and informative.

very informative

I enjoyed the format, the speaker was informative AND entertaining! Best cpi class I have taken. Thank you so much

I liked being able to do it at my own pace

Overall well done. Useful information and exaples without extra fluff and well presented. Thanks!

This was a good beginners course. I had CPI training in the past, this was very comparable. Nothing I would add or change.

I enjoyed taking this course it was interesting,informative. The instruction was both informative and the instructor use the right humor,tone in confaying the information. I guess the only thing I would change if it could be a little more interactive.

It was GREAT!!!

Really enjoy this course. Loved that it was not boring. Getting cpi trained is a great add-on for my resume.

It was awesome!! Thanks, I really enjoyed using the cat to explain behavior approaches!

Excellent course!! Informative. Useful techniques.

Course was very helpful and interesting. It gave me alot of information that I can use at my current job and in my future.

This was a great training and I am grateful for Mr. King's shared insight and expertise. CPI blue card is expensive so this was perfect.

Studying PsychNursing, I don't remember getting into all the detail your couse made the information more valuable.


Change Nothing It Was BANGARANG!

this course is very unique and informtive. comparable to cpi certification.

The course was very informative

I enjoyed learning about the various techniques of de-escalation and I am confidence that if I review once in every few weeks plus practice i will be a better person in hanling crisis intervention verbally to keep everyone safe. I needed cpi certification online, thank you.

I enjoyed the audio and visual aspects of the course and how everything had practical examples or real life scenarios. I needed to get my cpi training online for my job and this was a perfect fit.

I found the ERL model very helpful and think it will be very helpful in crisis situations to help you to communicate to otherstaff that come into the situation not really knowing what is going on. Being able to say one word to them and them be on the same page will be very helpful.

Really enjoyed the videos! Helped to understand the basic fundamentals of the program.

I enjoyed being able to break it up and not have to complete the training in onesit down.

Love love the convience and information presented

Great information. Very helpful

It was very through and I will be able to use these techniques in the future

Just about right amount of information. CPI certification cost more than this course.  Thank you.

I needed to renew my cpi certificate, but came across your site. Good course, good content. Thank you.

Videos helped with understanding concepts of the course

I needed a cpi course and was happy to take this one. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

I learned many good things from Your course and will suggest it to others.

I was especially impressed with the wisdom and common sense techniques taught in the deescalation modules. I appreciate the idea of treating the individuals in crisis fairly and not boxing them in/not causing them further damage. This was the most interesting deescalation classes I have taken so far in my career. I had CPI certification in the past. Thank you for your teaching style which kept me interested the during every module!

the course was very helpful, it will help me become a better person in my personal life. I was told to get cpi trained for my job, but this was a fun course. thanks.

Liked the course. Great examples provided

I think this course was great and cant think of any ways to improve

Very informative

Learned new ways to diffuse situations.

good learning course

This was user friendly.

i enjoyed the videos. they were very helpful to see something visual and put it with the text

I very much enjoyed the balance of lecture and media, though I would suggest adding more videos if possible. Thank you for providing a truly wonderful course!

I liked to openess and the relatability

You did a great job for an online experience. I have had cpi courses and other crisis training in the past. This was great.

Excellent course, like cpi training.

Thank you very much. This helped and will be useful in my profession as well as day to day living. My coworkers have had cpi courses before and this was very well done.

Thank you for your sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

thanks guys. I was told to get cpi blue card and I know you are a different company, but this was perfect.

I really enjoyed the real life examples of phrasing in the webinar, both from person in crisis and responder.

The material was presented in a very clear and concise manner. I enjoyed the video clips and I appreciated how well the Pinky video lined up with the presented theories. Most of all, I enjoyedthe instructors mock-scenarios (back and forths with himself) as this greatered my understanding by demonstratingreal life situations that I can realistically see myself being in. Great course!

Course was very detailed and was not as much as cpi blue card course.

It was good to see different methods and techniques of deescalating a client. Good use of videos, add more videos for online learners.

very informative at an affordable certification cost

I was CPI trained in the past, and this was definitely better. This course was very informative and I have a better understanding of how to handle any type of crisis.

good job. better than prior cpi courses I have taken in the past.

I really enjoyed this class. I needed cpi training but found this course instead. Contained lots of useful information and easy to understand.

very detailed and to the point

I enjoyed learning the 5 stages of a crisis and how to react to them. I would have loved to have seen this in person!

Great inservice

I like the idea of choices and not limit setting. The approaches taught in this program is so realistic and so needed. I don't know that I could think of a way to improve on this.

it was very informitive

great job! interesting and engaging

I loved that it was straight to the point and super easy to understand. I would definitely recommend to my colleagues.

I learned a lot. Thank you.

The speaker was very engaging and relatable.



Thank you!


I enjoyed the combination of visuals, verbal, and real life clips to demonstrate the material.

The videos were helpful in visualizing the subject matter.

I think the presenter's examples of real life situations via video as well as personal experience were great. You can tell this guy is good at what he does and am glad to see that he started this company.

Its a good course.

Nice pace

It was fun.

I was very impressed by the course content and its presentation. Brendan King delivers an exceptional blend of anecdotal experience, rigorous analysis, and tactical theory in a manner that is both concise and consistently engaging. CCG's Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training represents the most authentic coursework I have encountered in this field, and I would unreservedly recommend their training products to anyone interested in strengthening his or her de-escalation skillset.

THe videos were helpful, and the exercises of reviewing them.

The course provided was very informative and entertaining. I especially liked how the videos examples were used to illistrate the how the techniques would be used in a crisis situation.

Love it, very helpful even for my own family (teen)

very helpful

I appreciated the variety of learning techniques.


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