Active Shooter Response Training

On-Location Active Shooter Response Training

While there is no guarantee in any Active Shooter/Armed Intruder (AS/AI) event that lives will not be lost and persons will not be injured, every step should be taken to prevent, deter, and stop them from occurring.  Our talented and experienced training team will customize an Active Shooter Response Training course for your organization.

Our highly skilled and professional ASR Training team brings decades of experience, qualifications, and knowledge in fields ranging from Mental Health, Education, Law Enforcement, the Secret Service, US Military, and Diplomatic Security Service to ensure you are provided with the most effective and current strategies available.

(Online Active Shooter Response Certification Course HERE)

"NO gun, does not mean NO chance"

General Workshop / Basic Topics:


(ASR Workshop for Educators in N. VA - Jan. 2014)

  • Active Shooter History and Timelines
  • Lessons Learned (Historical and Recent)
  • Early Warning and Notification Options
  • Effective Communication Under Duress
  • Survival Mindset/Mental Preparation
  • Run, Hide, Barricade, Fight Options
  • Coordination/Mass Movement
  • Trauma Care / TriagePHTLS
  • AS/AI Response Guide
  • 1 hr., 2 hr., and 4 hr. Options
  • VT Survivor Presentation - (Honored Guest Speaker)

Advanced/Tactical ASR Topics:

(Law Enforcement/Armed and Unarmed Security)

  • Rapid Threat Location and Identification

    Photo by Jay Pinsky

  • Individual and Team Movements
  • Rapid Clearing Techniques/CQB
  • Target Engagement
  • Dynamic Communication Techniques
  • Team Coordination
  • Combat Casualty Care/Officer Rescue
  • Ballistic Shield Operator/Instructor TrainingTECC_logo2
  • 12 GA Breaching/Chemical Munitions Deployment
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations/Tactical Driving Course
  • Merging/Assistance and Interaction with Law Enforcement
  • Reviews, Debrief, and Competency Evaluations

Customized ASR Training:

Active Shooter Response Training for Casinos and the Gaming Industry

Active Shooter Response Training for Historical Sites and Museums

Active Shooter Response Training for Hospitals and Healthcare

Customized Training Options:

• Basic Workshop and Advanced Courses

• On-Site Consultation / Facility Risk Assessments

• Development/Review of SOP

• Large and Small Group Training

• Table-top and Rolling Classroom

• Live-Scenario / Multiple Role-Player

• Online Training Course Options

Please contact us so we may create just the right training option for your workforce.

A Short Demo Of Our On-Location Basic ASR Workshop