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About Crisis Consultant Group

Providing the safest, most effective and realistic Crisis Intervention Training in the industry, guaranteed.

What began as a simple attempt to create more effective techniques to deal with challenging or aggressive persons quickly evolved into a movement of changing and improving basic human interaction across the globe. Our Master Instructors are available to travel to any location and at any time in order to assist facilities learn more effective methods to manage challenging and/or aggressive persons. Prior courses have stretched coast to coast in the USA, from the snow-covered hills of Bangor, Maine to the warm ocean breezes of Ventura, California. In recent years, CCG has received inquiries for training services from locations as remote as Warri, Nigeria, and as hostile as Kabul, Afghanistan. Crisis situations have no boundaries; the need for effective training is truly global.

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, the Crisis Consultant Group, LLC (CCG) is a veteran-owned and operated, independent small business, striving to improve how crisis situations are handled on a person-to-person, "front line" basis.

CCG is a company built on first-hand experience dealing with emergencies within the workplace. Our first priority is the safety of responders to crisis, while maintaining professionalism throughout an escalating situation. Offering individualized crisis prevention training and on-going risk management consultation upon request, we maintain a superior level of customer service and specialized attention with our clients, taking a “listen first, answer second” approach.  We listen to your organizational needs and challenges, taking time to identify if and what services we offer would be of most benefit vs. just trying to "sell" a potential client on how we can help.

How We help

• Creates A Safer Workplace
• Decreases Violence and Aggression
• Reduces Workman’s Compensation Claims
• Reduces Injuries
• Builds Confidence
• Improves Communication

Company Info

• Licensed with VA SCC
• Registered and Fully Insured
• Better Business Bureau – A+ Rating
• DUNS# 804280969
• Veteran Owned and Operated
• GSA CAGE Code# 6UF57

Our Mission

To equip those who face crisis with the safest, most practical, and most effective de-escalation and conflict resolution training in the industry. 

Our proven techniques will transform the level at which an organization’s staff members interact during crisis by creating a more self-assured, confident, and prepared workforce secure in their ability to handle emergency situations. We strive to empower these individuals by instilling the skills necessary to make split-second decisions that ensure the well-being of staff members involved, as well as protecting the dignity and respect of those they serve.

Our Customer Service

We take pride in the fact that we are what the industry would consider a “small business." Having grown from our first client in Virginia to now being utilized in 35 states across the US and USVI, and into Canada, we haven’t forgotten our “roots." Customer service remains a priority.

  • Send us an email, and you will have a response within 48 hours.
  • Calls are answered by a live operator whenever possible during business hours.
  • We customize each and every course making sure to meet your exact needs.
  • We have a long list of satisfied clients with whom we encourage you to contact.

Please take a moment to read through the bios below to find out more about the CCG team. You will see a snapshot the wide range of experience, education, and training that stands behind our courses.


Standards and Alignments

The Crisis Consultant Group, LLC training curriculum has been designed to provide the safest, most realistic, and immediately effective techniques and theories regarding crisis intervention, while continually striving to either meet or exceed the various accreditation standards, regulations, and legislation put forth by numerous governing bodies for the industry.

Please click on the links below to see exactly how our training courses align themselves with these standards:

Our curriculum has been independently reviewed and/or approved and utilized by the following organizations: