My gallery of handmade cards has albums for Anniversary Cards, Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, Cards for Father’s Day & Mother’s Day, General Greetings Cards, Cards for Religious Occasions and Wedding Cards. On-line ordering and secure payment are facilities available for all my card services. Even a card store can use non violent crisis intervention training when customers come into the store! Let’s face it, without cpi certification your employees might not know how to de escalate the situation. Another inportant crisis intervention skill for employees is non violent crisis intervention training.

Not too long ago, a tire company ran commercials with a cute babysitting in the middle of a tire. The slogan for that ad campaign was the reason to buy that brand of tire “. . . because so much is riding on your tires.” It was an effective campaign.

cpi certification

In crisis intervention you can ask the same type of question. How much is riding on the successful resolution of the crisis? How important is it? Is it physical safety? Is it that you de-escalate the situation successfully without any problems? Those are great resolutions, but is there more to it? How much more is at stake?

There are certain people who have been instrumental in my life, throughout my life. A relative, a counselor, a teacher, or whomever—there have been many. I’ll bet there have been people in your life who have played a pivotal role. In crisis intervention, you have the opportunity to be that influential person for someone else.

When dealing with a person in crisis, you are dealing with a person who is not functioning at their best. The short amount of time you have in which to manage a situation can mean the difference between it turning ugly with physical violence, or successfully helping the other person to resolve the situation. But, that’s not all. It means even more.

Think about what it is you’re doing on a day-to-day basis. Is bringing somebody out of crisis one of the most important and powerful things you can do? Absolutely. John Maxwell, is a best-selling author and speaker. He is widely considered the leading expert on teaching leadership around the world. One of the things that he says is that, “Success is how well you’ve done for yourself. Significance is how well you’ve helped others. Greatness is how well you’ve led other people, to help others achieve significance in their lives.”