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Tracie Oakcrum

Senior Training Coordinator

Tracie Oakcrum

The newest full-time member of the CCG team is Tracie Oakcrum.  Currently serving as our Sr. Training Coordinator overseeing our online training division, assisting with research and development, travel planning, and client relations.

Tracie holds a B.S. in Business Management and has over 30 years of direct experience working with individuals with both intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Her hands-on experience working in high-risk classrooms, coupled with her experience working in corporate America affords her a first-hand account of how our online
training translates to a multitude of workplace environments.

When you call Crisis Consultant Group, chances are Tracie will be the one to take your call.  She strives to give excellent customer service and technical support.  Making sure each client feels supported, and has all of the relevant information to choose the training option that best meets their needs is her number one goal.

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