De-escalation Training For Law Enforcement

(4, 8, or 16 hour options)

This course provides VERBAL de-escalation techniques for law enforcement and those working in Corrections, Court Services, Probation/Parole and Vice operations will greatly benefit from.  Combining interpersonal communication, body language interpretation, diffusion, and  conflict de-escalation resolution techniques, participants will be empowered to calm challenging and/or aggressive persons safely and effectively. Highly effective for persons suffering from mental illness, this course has been taught during basic police training as well as in-service curriculum.  Coinciding with current UOF policy while keeping officers safe and highly effective during stressful and challenging encounters this course can be customized to specific departments and units.  Course is approved for 4 Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, (VA DCJS) Career Development Hours and aligns with Police Executive Research Form (PERF) de escalation recommendations for law enforcement and related Best Practice recommendations from Joint Commission, CMS, and others.

Building off of the above basic de-escalation training for law enforcement, this course teaches additional advanced methods of crisis intervention incorporating PHYSICAL crisis intervention to manage and control aggressive and/or challenging persons.  As society continues to increase their expectation on police officers to possess almost extraordinary levels of professionalism, patience, and tolerance, officers need a training program that provides verbal and physical tools to achieve these things, while simultaneously reducing risk to the officers and those they serve.  This curriculum enhances each officers skill set through advanced teaching methods and rigorous and varied intensity role-play scenarios throughout the course, requiring proof of competency for participants successful completion.  This course coincides with department UOF policies providing empty hand control techniques keeping police officers safe during stressful and challenging encounters. 


Contact CCG today for additional information, agency hosting options, and pricing for this course.

First Officer on Scene (FOS) Series:

Tactical Reconnaissance & Resource Management 

(8 Hour Course)

Mitigation and Management of Mass Casualty Events for FOS 

This course teaches Patrol Officers and First Line Supervisors how to effectively mitigate rapidly progressing, active threat, and/or mass casualty incidents, through tactical reconnaissance, information gathering, decision making, and immediate action.

Led by highly experienced and credible instructors with decades of Patrol, SWAT, and Fire/Emergency Services experience, including FDNY 9-11 experience inside the Twin Towers, the Beltway Sniper incident, numerous hostage barricades, and hundreds of high threat events.

Participants will learn additional tactics and skills focused on: 

  • Helping To Save Lives When It Matters Most
  • Developing Quick/Hasty Recon of the Scene
  • Strategies for Rolling Recon / Cover & Rolling Cover
  • Flanking & Bounding & Overwatch Methods
  • Utilizing Responding Unit Resources / Equipment 
  • Command Post & Fire Department Staging
  • Immediate Self-Aid / Downed Officer Aid

Course will conclude with brief competency-based skills practice and table-top scenarios designed to enhance the training experience and solidify student skill retention.  Certification will be provided to all successful participants of this course.  Aligns with current Best Practices, IACP & NIMS standards, as well as most recent lessons learned from recent incidents, such as Orlando Pulse Nightclub, 1-October/Las Vegas incident, and others.  

A Few of The Agencies Who Have Sent Us Officers To Train: 

de escalation police training

Fairfax County SO, VA

training for cops

Fauquier County SO, VA


US Air Marshalls

de escalation training police

Arlington County PD, VA

de-escalation training for police

Prince William County PD, VA

Fairfax County PD, VA

Spotsylvania County SO, VA

Loudoun County SO, VA

A Few of The Law Enforcement Training Organizations We Have Partnered With: 

TX SBLE Conference

Testimonials from recent course graduates: 

“I feel the simplicity of the course was very helpful. A lot of people get lost in CIT training.

This course is very relevant and the way society is going, it is very necessary.”  – Sgt. 19 yrs exp. 

“I believe this should be offered agency wide.” – MDS 12.5 yrs. 

“Outstanding class. Content is excellent.” – Lt. 22 yrs. 

“Fits in well with CIT training without as strong of an emphasis on mental health, which will work well for people who don’t buy into CIT yet. This training will be helpful when we are dealing with violent patients and we want to avoid causing injury. I believe it could help end the trauma cycle for some patients who have been hurt in the past.”PFC – (CIT Certified) – 3yrs.

“The whole presentation was great. It is a realistic technique that can add to officer safety and prevent bad publicity for the agency. It is simple and efficient to perform.  All techniques taught have the same basic building blocks and response which makes it easy to react in different situations.”Sgt. 31yrs. 

“I can see many opportunities to use this in my current job. It will definitely work well in the ADC.”MDS 17 yrs. 

“Excellent instructors. Easy to understand content with reinforcement through real life scenarios.” – 2nd Lt. 19 yrs. 

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