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The importance of validating the patient’s stress as a normal person by responding to abnormal circumstances is emphasized, through an empathetic dialogue that allows him to express and understand the most difficult emotions and their meaning in relation to the narrative that he realizes of his life.

Regarding the role of the doctor, clear information delivered in a calm and timely dialogue is essential. The goal is to stimulate a feeling of control in the patient through knowledge, which will make it easier to prepare for what is to come.

D. Anzieu5, a French psychoanalyst, points out that “satisfaction is an experience, and pain is a test”. The experience of pain describes it as capable of causing a topical disturbance that can nullify the founding and structuring distinctions between the physical Ego and the corporal Ego. He adds “the pain is not shared, it occupies everything and I no longer exist like me: there is pain.”

For this author, all psychic function is developed leaning on a bodily function and this is how he develops the concept of I-skin: “just as the skin fulfills a function of supporting the skeleton and muscles, the I-skin fulfills the function to support the psyche ”. He takes the concept of Holding developed by D. Winnicott, to explain that the I-skin is a part of the mother that has been internalized and that maintains the baby’s body in a state of unity and solidity.

He exemplifies it this way: “… it is the physical suffering of the young child that, more generally and exactly, the mother perceives, even if the mother is not attentive or negligent in the collection and deciphering of the signs of the other qualities sensitive. Not only does the mother take the initiative for appropriate practical care: putting the baby to bed, calling the doctor, administering pain relievers, bandaging the wounds, but she takes in her arms the child who screams, cries, loses her breath, she presses him against her body, warms him, cradles him, speaks to him, smiles and reassures him: in short, he satisfies his needs for attachment, protection, grasping: it maximizes the functions of the I-skin that maintains and contains, so that the child re-injects it ( that is to say, internalize it as part of itself) sufficiently as a support object, so that it re-establishes its I-skin, reinforces its function of para-excitation (defense against the intensity of the stimulus) and enables healing. In this sense, what is sharable is not pain, it is the defense against it ”.

With this example, we want to introduce the essentials of crisis interventions into the functions that a health team should consider to help contain a patient’s pain or suffering. Considering the loneliness of the experience of pain or suffering, it would not be enough with the good physical care that is provided, but at the same time the possibility of giving emotional support in situations that can overwhelm the patients. If we consider, for example, the relationship between physical and mental pain, how they are substituted or complemented, we can exemplify the way in which the psychological and the physical interact in the experience of relief. Sometimes, as Anzieu exemplifies in the case of a burned patient, physical pain is mitigated through a conversation, a “wrap in words” that allows us to restore the experience that the body does not have a “physical skin” that protect from pain.

In this way, crisis intervention can be essential to restore the support and containment function when the patient feels flooded by experiences and experiences associated with his body that threaten his own capacity for emotional containment. Explore the meaning of the experience and promote the possibility that it can be contained through an emotional environment that facilitates and promotes stability in mental health.

We now have crochet and knitting patterns for larger babies and dolls which measure 3 inch to 10 inch

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