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Presentation – Degree in Art History

The Degree in Art History consists of four academic courses, during which the student can approach the artistic achievements of different cultures. To the systematic study of our cultural environment, from the origins to the present day, subjects dedicated to the art of the Far East, the Islamic or the Latin American are added, in addition to others that expand the professional profile of the future graduate, such as Museology, Art Criticism , Artistic techniques, History of guardianship and artistic restoration, History of cinema or Photography and Mass Culture.

The development of the teaching activity, adapted to the use of new imaging technologies, includes, together with the master classes, practical workshops, screening of films and documentaries, visits to museums, monuments and exhibitions, conference cycles by specialists in the various subjects and other complementary activities organized according to the teaching needs and concerns of the students. Students participate in classes through group work and oral presentations. In addition, students may request their participation in the Seneca and Socrates exchange programs to carry out part of their studies in other Spanish faculties or in another European country.

Due to the variety of its professional opportunities, this Degree offers a great attraction: in addition to the traditional ones, related to teaching and research, there are currently other professional options, such as conservator and manager of the historical-artistic heritage, expert in cultural policy of public administrations, heritage advisor in cultural or tourism promotion institutions, museum curator, archivist, art gallery technician, tourist-artistic guide or web designer.