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“Fair and Balanced”

How many times after hearing the phrase, “fair and balanced,” do you find yourself wondering, “Really? Is it fair? Is it balanced?” I don’t know — that’s up to you to decide for yourself.

However, I offer this question to you. Are you fair? Are you balanced? When you’re listening to someone, or when you’re dealing with people around you, are you being judgmental? Are you taking the situation and applying your own personality, your own problems, past issues, and judgments and placing them on the person with whom you are dealing? Or are you able to be unbiased and open to the individual and to what it is they are trying to share with you.

When I was working with troubled kids, I quickly learned not to set my expectations of appropriate behavior too high. Sometimes our expectations of behavior, and what it is we want from an individual, particularly while they’re in crisis, is so high were we to place those same expectations on ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to reach them.

Keep in mind, when you’re dealing with somebody in crisis and they’re going through a struggle, they are not functioning at full capacity. They are likely not at their best. They’re struggling in certain areas. They have different issues with which they need help and, as a result, what they’re doing at that moment may be the best they can do. I’m always going to encourage somebody to try harder. I’m going to encourage them to try to control their behavior, and not let it get out of control. At the same time, I’m not going to set the bar so high that there’s no way that they can ever reach it. I mean, they’re in crisis, and I’m expecting perfection? I wouldn’t expect perfection even when they were functioning at their full, potential; when they’re at their strength.  No one is perfect. We may strive, but we all fall short.   Try to keep things fair and balanced.