Crisis Intervention Training

What exactly is “crisis intervention training” and why has it became “highly recommended” training for those working in mental health and related human service professions? A great question, with a fairly straightforward answer. The term “crisis intervention training” most often represents a training curriculum consisting of both verbal and physical intervention techniques to be utilized by a “responder” (mental health tech, law enforcement officer, correctional officer, group home worker, human services professional, etc.) in efforts to calm, contain, control and/or otherwise de-escalate an individual who is in “crisis,” often demonstrated by an agitated, hostile, or aggressive behaviors.

Crisis Intervention Training techniques are often based on a number of basic principles such as:

1. Treating the individual in crisis with dignity and respect throughout the encounter, regardless of actions taken by the individual.

2. Approaching the individual as though they are in need of assistance and are unable to cope with their current situation, not that they are simply choosing to “act out” and behaving inappropriately simply to seek attention, or to “cause trouble”.

3. Ensuring that the safety for all persons involved in the situation is paramount.

4. Recognizing that physical intervention techniques are only to be utilized as instructed if/when imminent danger is presented by the individual, and that there are no other means to stop, prevent, or deter, person-to-person violence from occurring.

Responders are encouraged to attend training with approved vendors in the crisis intervention training industry who have developed curriculums and techniques that are aligned with current Best Practices  Guidelines, Federal and State Licensure regulations, and related industry standards. By gaining Crisis Intervention Training certification through live, online, or hybrid training options, professionals seeking to work with persons in crisis will be better equipped to handle both verbal and physical confrontations in the workplace. For more information on this type of certification, please contact the Crisis Consultant Group, LLC today.