Online Workplace Violence Prevention Program


Meets OSHA General Duty Clause Section 5 (a)(1)

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  • Certificate Upon Completion (Downloadable)
  • At-Your-Own-Pace Online Learning Format

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CCG’s Workplace Violence Prevention Program is now available ONLINE for individuals and groups seeking Certification.

Utilizing an online Learning Management System (LMS) this course uses interactive multimedia consisting of over 3 hours of professionally recorded, live classroom-taught, HD video.  Training is divided into multiple @35/40 minute sections for ease of use and at-your-own-pace instruction.

*This course meets OHSA General Duty Clause Section 5 (a)(1), of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and assists employers obligation to provide a workplace that is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious harm. Learn more about OHSA guidelines for workplace violence prevention.

Looking For On-Location Training?

Topics include:

  • Defining Workplace Violence
  • Identifying Causes of Workplace Violence
  • Maintaining Your Calm During Crisis
  • Interpreting Body Language and Signs of Escalation
  • Effective Tips For Conflict Resolution
  • Situational Awareness and Enhancing Personal Safety
  • The Circle Approach to Crisis Intervention™
  • Verbal Intervention Techniques™
  • And more–

Training includes:

  • BREATHE Course Handbook (If purchased during checkout)
  • Additional PDF course handouts
  • E-book preview “Calm Every Storm, Preventing Aggressive Behavior with Your Words”
  • Final review
  • Downloadable Certificate of completion

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

This course is in alignment with OSHA / NIOSH and provides over 3.5 hours of instruction on how to prevent Workplace Violence.

Certificates of completion are provided immediately upon conclusion of course in downloadable/printable format.

This workplace violence training program (BREATHE – Be Ready Everyday Anywhere To Handle Emergencies®) course is exclusively provided by the Crisis Consultant Group, LLC and is only available through the Crisis Consultant Group, LLC in online, or on-site live-taught format.


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 139 reviews
by Jasmine Roberts on WVP


by Wandalyn Teague on WVP

thank you

by Christa Babbit on WVP

Easy to follow

by Andrew Stevens on WVP

Thank you for equipping my team with new skills.

by Brandy Harvey on WVP

Great job!

by Kenneth White on WVP


by Valerie Kiprotich on WVP

The course is very informative.  Nonviolent intervention techniques are the best to use during crisis, and I learned there are many ways to de-escalate angry kids.

by Copeland Hughes on WVP

ENjoyed it.

by Helen Lewis on WVP

Great and informative. Great examples.

by Jose Encarnacion on WVP

It was very helpful and I feel like I learned a lot.

by Karla Ramirez on WVP

Great Training

by Darnette Green-Ouezounvo on WVP

Enjoyed this online class.

by James Skinner on WVP

Tracie is the most amazing representative for your company. The course was excellent and I will highly recommend it. Please continue your excellent efforts. If your other programs are as good as this one, your entire series of offerings should be excellent.

by Joseph Ferra on WVP

The skill, expertise, and experience of the presenter really came through. Coupled with the valuable and well-organized material, the course was very beneficial. Great job!

by Kiwane Lewis on WVP


by Maurice Williams on WVP

The speaker was very clear.

by Sherry Goode on WVP

I found this course to be helpful and enjoyed it. This was a course that kept my attention.

by Tracy Guido on WVP

Thank You so much

by Celestine Cooper on WVP

I enjoyed all of it and the speaker held my interest. I did not even take a break!

by Gabriel Lara on WVP

Very informative!

by Steven Meyer on WVP

Appreciate the pace and the online offering.

by Michelle Bidigare on WVP

Great training! Very informative and useful techniques

by Clyde Cooks on WVP

The course was good and informative !

by Edward Lopez on WVP

I enjoyed the course very informative.

by Kim Lafler on WVP

Great course with lots of very useful information.

by Wualdis Alvarenga on WVP


by Ayana Domingo-Hanse on WVP


by Jonathan Lindhagen on WVP

Thank you!

by Laura Oliver on WVP

Thank you for the course material!

by Anatolii Tsarkov on WVP

Great course. Thank you!

by Diana Boyle on WVP

Very engaging presenter. Kept your interest through the online presentation

by Ilona Csapo on WVP


by Lisa Marquez on WVP

The content was easy to understand and to the point.

by Michael Cole on WVP


by Nicole Hannah on WVP

Very interesting and kept my attention

by Ashley Mascarenas on WVP

Thank you for all the tools and techniques during this course. I enjoyed the course and all the information is exceptionally helpful!

by Kelli Morris on WVP

thank you , very helpful information

by Mark Eleam on WVP

great learning tools

by Angila Condrey on WVP

well thought out and relatable

by Carmen Fisher on WVP

I enjoyed the course, Thank you for all the helpful information, I feel like it will help me so much in the future.

by Jenna Gray on WVP

It was a great course. Very beneficial. Thanks.

by Jessica Nash on WVP

Excellent information. It was very helpful

by Iris Zelaya on WVP

Great Teaching Course

by Maria Yiadom on WVP

Very informative

by Qali Hassan on WVP

I enjoyed the training keep up the great job.

by Fanie Stephens on WVP

program was very informative.

by Joel Floyd on WVP

Enjoyed the course

by Kevin Shuler on WVP

It was a great course and excellent for training

by Christopher Wright on WVP

Been very enlightening

by Carleigh Joseph on WVP

This course was great. Very personable with lots of examples from someone with much experience.

by Carlee Schnellenbach on WVP

Great! Thanks!

by Jean Vick on WVP

It was very thorough, will help me in my new position

by Joseph Bradley on WVP

The information was very useful for my position and needs

by Janine Roper on WVP

I like that it held my attention. I like that it had relatable examples.

by Alexandra Becker on WVP

Thought the presenter was well-spoken and easy to follow.

by Janice Menges on WVP

I enjoyed the instructors comments.

by Jason Anderson on WVP

thank you

by Joy Grigsby on WVP

Good course

by Katie Tallman on WVP

Helpful and can be applied to job

by Lamarris Cooper on WVP

Thank you.. Sooo much...Great program..

by Natlia Poleschuk on WVP

Great class!

by Tara Calvin on WVP

Thanks for the info!

by Wenona Andress on WVP

Liked it a lot.

by Alicia Harrington on WVP

Very nice

by Anthony Freshour on WVP

This was a great course and provided a lot of very helpful material that was taught in a way that was easy to follow.

by Dana Riley on WVP


by Nichole Joy-Alford on WVP

Very informative!

by Angela Freker on WVP

Loved it!

by Glyka Nicole Manahan on WVP


by Godwin Bell on WVP

great session

by Janice Jobonero on WVP

Very Entertaining and Enjoyable

by Jezra Lorenzo on WVP

Very informative and helpful.

by Lori Cummings on WVP

Very informative. I learned alot. Thank you

by Reginald Nickson on WVP

nothing to add. i appreciate taking the course for my job requirement and good luck with your future endeavors.

by Taylor Montgomery on WVP

Perfect amount of time needed!

by Brendall Scott on WVP

I enjoyed the course.

by Denise Castaneda on WVP

very helpful

by Dina Smith on WVP

Love it

by Donna Cribb on WVP

Great info

by Funmilayo Jeffrey on WVP



I thought it was very helpful and informative.

by Janice Jabonero on WVP

Very Entertaining and Enjoyable


Great and informative course. Everyone needs this.


It's very helpful and informative.

by Neil Jabonero on WVP

Very helpful, Entertaining the best online course not boring at all


I really like this course and enjoyed it.

by Savannah Greer on WVP

Great course with a few laughs! Learned a lot too!

by Sherrie Craig on WVP

This was really helpful for my work

by Martha Kelly on WVP

Informative Course

by Ronita Wynn on WVP

It was very helpful

by Jackie Osby on WVP

Thanks for sharing helpful techniques.

by Behjat Khani on WVP

This course was very helpful

by Andrew Krieger on WVP

Very helpful course.

by Peggy Stull on WVP

Great online course with very valuable information.

by Larae Harbour on WVP

Great course, I wasn't able to take it in person but this was for sure the next best thing.

by Amanda Byrge on WVP

I like the presenters sense of humor.

by Brian Yarborough on WVP

I enjoyed it very much.

by Cole Watts on WVP


by Folake Durodola on WVP

very helpful

by Melinda Korish on WVP

Online was helpful/beneficial to complete at own pace

by Michael Connors on WVP

good course

by Paula Fairley on WVP

Enjoyed this online course

by Samantha Bulloch on WVP

important information

by Sherry Goode on WVP

I found this course to be helpful and enjoyed it. This was a course that kept my attention.

by Alicia Crawford on WVP

Was great

by Tracy Guido on WVP

Thank You so much

by Mario Hardiman on WVP

The speaker was cool.

by Dorothy Powell on WVP

This course was a great online course.

by Eric Vanderhoof on WVP

doing great

by Shawndarie Jackson Wilson on WVP

thanks this course was helpful

by Sheila Cook on WVP

I really learned alot from this course that I did not know before. So I thank you for giving me all this information that I can definitely use on my next job.

by Nimsi Velaquez on WVP

the course was great!

by Christopher Konieczka on WVP


by Chandra Tate on WVP

This course is EXCELLENT! It made me really think about myself and how I handle current situations at home and in the work place. I love it!!!

by Marta Maldanado on WVP


by Costinna Lowery on WVP

The course was very informative.

by Nakeia Propst on WVP

It was very informing. With great information

by Brooke Huddleston on WVP

Thank You

by Heidy Nazario on WVP

Great information and well organized.

by Kaneisia Sansone on WVP

Good course

by Joy Reichenberg on WVP

It was an interesting course and will be beneficial in my day to day work.

by Tonya Reynolds on WVP

Enjoyed the course. It was interesting and helpful. Easy to understand and was on point for what I was needing.

by Kathleen Caulfield on WVP

The videos integrated the content well.

by Summer Tanner on WVP

I enjoted the videos and stories told to give examples and better explain techniques/lack of techniques.

by Edwin Valenzuela-Flores on WVP

To be honest I really enjoyed this course. It was by all means informative, relatable and opened my eyes to different perspectives.

by Shiloh Cloyd on WVP

great and benficial for everyone

by Sondra Morrissey on WVP

I found the content of this course to be very helpful and thought provoking.

by Tulin Rivera on WVP

Great Course and helpful. Exceeded my expectations.

by Rashun McKenzie on WVP

The commentator for this video was very positive and I loved that. I made this program very enjoyable.

by Jackie Yang on WVP

I enjoyed the lecture because it was very realistic and easy to understand. He was consistent on the information and provided very good visual entities to show good exams of certain situations.

by Andrea O'Brien on WVP

The videos of actually situations were very helpful because it actually allowed me to see the behaviors then assess them.

by Reuben Stewart on WVP

Great and beneficial for everyone.

by Faith Smith on WVP


by Felicia Barnes on WVP

Love the videos great examples

by Ashley Best Bryant on WVP


by Duckchung Kim on WVP

I really enjoyed it, thank you very much

by Tiffanie Agee on WVP

The course was very considerate of the student by keeping the information somewhat simple, and focusing on key points to remember for testing.

by Tanya Bland on WVP

i enjoyed it. my past course was paid by the facility this was my first course paid by me. i think i was a little more attentive.

by Felecia Slaughter on WVP

I enjoyed the enthusiasm and excitemment with the instructor. I love the way we were able to participate.

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