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  • 1994-2004—Research and Development Phase
  • 2003 – CEO Brendan King deployed to Iraq for OEF/OIF with USMC CCG business plan, base curriculum and physical intervention techniques developed / testing phase
  • 3/2004 – Crisis Consultant Group, LLC licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission CCG curriculum is medically reviewed and approved for safety and risk minimization Assistant Instructors added to CCG Training Division April – CCG conducts first training course with first client in Mclean, VA
  • 2005—New Clients gained in VA, PA Assistant Instructors are added to CCG Training Division
  • 2006—New Clients gained in GA, CT, ME Assistant Instructors are added to CCG Training Division
  • 2007—New Clients gained in CA, VT, WI, MD, MN November; New “Into the Crisis“ Blog site added to bring visitors the latest CIT headlines Assistant Instructors are added to CCG Training Division
  • 2008—New Clients gained in LA, MA December; CCG conducts the first WEB-EX Live Online Training Course
  • 2009—New Clients gained in NY, OH, UT January; CCG is approved for use in all CT DCFS licensed facilities June; CCG Launches the Certified Independent Trainer Program (CITP)
  • 2010—New Clients gained in AZ, NV April; CEO Brendan King begins training in the Personal Defense Readiness™ Instructor Course developed by Blauer Tactical Systems™ seeking authorization to offer Personal Defense Readiness™ courses to clients of CCG. October; CCG gains final approval from BTS to teach Personal Defense Readiness™ courses through CCG.
  • 2011—New Clients gained in NV March; CCG Launches new company website and numerous new training course offerings April; CCG provides Advanced Training to a unique High School in downtown Pittsburgh, PA May; CCG conducts Independent Affiliate Training Program in Northern VA. July; CCG conducts 2nd IATP course in Northern VA November; CCG gains approval for Statewide Use by Vermont Board of Education; (Rule 4500 – Use of Restraint & Seclusion in all VT state schools)
  • 2012 –A new Year comes with new Research and Development, courses revised and updated
  • June –New clients added in IL, MO, and WY Conducted Trainer Recertification courses around the nation
  • September — Approved for use by MN Board of Education
  • 2013 –Launch of new company logo, additional courses and Calm Every Storm® curriculum revisions. Presentations for DHS Active Shooter Workshop in the Midwest. Presented at Complete Criminal Interdiction Conference. Presented Active Shooter Response Course to over 1200 educators in Northern VA. IN becomes 24th State where CCG is utilized.
  • 2014 – Continued growth and addition of 25th – 29th States where curriculum is being utilized with great success.
  • 2015 – Addition of 30th and 31st States – Continued growth around the country speaking and training events with the Texas School Safety Center
  • 2016 – Kicking off with a bang!  CCG Master Instructors travel to Miami for professional development and training, gaining initial and re-certification as Fundamentals Level Coaches with Blauer Tactical Systems, Personal Defense Readiness.  Additional training and presentations provided for the Texas School Safety Center, CES Field Services Synergy Group, SPIRE Energy, National Vision, and industry leading giant, General Dynamics. CCG CEO also featured on CBS News spotlight focused on Active Shooter Response.  See the story HERE
  • 2017 – Addition of States #32,33,34 & 35!  A very busy year! CCG Instructors headed out across the country once again with rapid growth in the Active Shooter Response Division and adding clients such as Capital One, Queen Louise Home for Children in St. Croix, USVI, Fairfax County Sheriffs Office, and spreading CES training deeper into Phoenix House in NY and TX.  In addition, CCG began development of LETACOR (Law Enforcement, TActical & CORrections) – First Responder Retreat and Respite Center.  More to come in 2018!

Crisis Consultant Group, LLC

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