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Verbal Crisis Intervention Training (Non-violent)


  • Diffuse escalated behavior quickly and effectively
  • Non-threatening, non-confrontational techniques
  • Competency-based testing throughout training
  • Certificates provided upon completion
  • Adult learning methods utilized to enhance retention

Our curriculum stresses the importance of maintaining control of ourselves and our reactions during a crisis, with much of the curriculum focusing on building internal coping mechanisms to keep responses professional and non-argumentative.

Teaching highly effective Verbal Crisis Intervention (Non-violent) is vital to any workplace violence prevention training program. If a staff member is antagonizing or disrespectful, either intentionally or unintentionally, the situation is quickly worsened.  (Need both Verbal and Physical Crisis Intervention? – Click HERE)

Verbal Crisis Intervention (Non-violent) Topics Covered:

  • Identify causes of challenging behavior
  • Recognize when verbal altercations are leading to physical violence
  • Determining exactly when to intervene
  • Quickly calm hostile behavior and outbursts
  • Assist with multiple individuals at once
  • Motivating disagreeable individuals
  • Understand professional distance, and remaining unbiased
  • Maintaining a calm, professional, and respectful attitude
  • Handling internal anxiety and fears during crisis
  • Understanding Trauma Informed Care and how it relates to intervention

We make every effort to meet your budget, timeline, and curriculum demands. Please Contact us so we may create just the right training option for your workforce.

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