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Capital One Bank Increases Employee Awareness and Security

As one of the nation’s leading financial institutions, Capital One Bank wanted to get out in front of the dangers of workplace violence on a national level.

Bringing in CCG Master Instructors to speak on the topics of situational awareness, prevention, detection, and actual response to active threats was a strategic goal of Capital One for 2017.  Reaching many locations around the United States, employees from all departments and levels were welcomed to participate in carefully customized training unique to the organization, delivered on-site at selected Capital One locations.

While there is no way to prevent all crisis situations from happening, being proactive, and striving to ensure a workforce is well-equipped and prepared to respond effectively, is an extremely worthwhile goal.  We at CCG are of course honored to have the opportunity to work with Capital One in this endeavor.


More information about Capital One Bank: 

Capital One is a diversified bank offering a broad array of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients.  A Fortune 500 company, Capital One has one of the most widely recognized brands in America.


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