Crisis Prevention Verbal Skills

Prevent and Deter Violence Before It Begins.

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Crisis Prevention On-line Training

Competency Based. Your-Own-Pace. Get Certified.

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Crisis Prevention Physical Skills

Gain Control And Increase Safety For Imminent Danger.

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Active Shooter ResponseTraining

Minimize Harm. Simple, Effective, and Realistic.

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Verbal Crisis Prevention

- Highly Effective
- Verbal De-escalation
- Safe, Non-Threatening
- Respect Driven Curriculum
- Based Upon Best Practices

Physical Crisis Prevention

- Non-Confrontational
- Increases Safety
- Prevents Violence
- Minimizes Harm
- Utilized For Imminent Danger

Active Shooter Response

- Prevent Loss Of Life
- Hospitals and Schools
- Retail and Corporate
- Security and Law Enforcement
- Realistic and Progressive

Online Crisis Prevention

- On-Demand Learning
- Cost Effective
- Highly Engaging
- Audio, Video, and Multimedia
- Certificates of Completion

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